[SBR] Sabagebu! OVA SPECIAL MISSION 5 (BD 720p AAC).mkv_snapshot_02.18_[2016.03.13_01.57.35]

Download torrent

Original subs from the SabaSubs release on Nyaa, and spit-shined to perfection, Sabagebu!

  • Translation – AMCGrady
  • Main Styling/Karaoke – Anime-Koi
  • Timing/Editing/TS/decision to drpo – Rock-chan
  • Raw re-encoded from ReinForce’s 1080p release

I’ll include a 1080p ver. with the mini-batch, but its probably unnecessary. RF looks the same in 1080p, and is bloated to hell, so there’s really no point.


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