Position: spaceman, comic relief, closet trap enthusiast


A group that puts subtitles onto video that can only be played on a computer but will still sometimes have lossless surround-sound audio for some reason. And since we use expertly-encoded video (TL Note: video encoded by experts), chances are your computer will shit its pants before it ever actually plays them right. (edit: all of this was probably never true but whatever, it seemed funny at the time.)


  • Q: Has anyone even asked you anything? Why is this here?
  • A: One question at a time, please.


  • Q: Who’s the guy in that picture from?
  • A: To LOVE-Ru


  • Q: No, the other guy.
  • A: Who knows?


  • Q: Can I joint/collaborate/use your subs/steal your typesetting
  • A: I guess/that’s the same thing/sure/yes, and it was probably stolen to begin with.


  • Q: Can I use your (original) subs/whatever?
  • A: That’s fine too, usually. I’d prefer if you didn’t fuck it up, but that’s on you.


  • Q: Can you sub [some OVA from some shit show]? Ohys-raws released it 2 whole days ago and there’s still no subs, you’re my only hope!
  • A: You poor thing. (edit: actually, I did do that with Kuma Miko, but I’m never doing that shit again so the answer is still the same.)

One thought on “Staff

  1. Can you sub Masou Gakuen HxH OVA? Ohys-Raws released it 2 whole days ago and there are still no subs, you’re the only hope for my daily fap!


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