Kyoukai no Kanata 1080p – Vol. 3

Download torrent (2.41GB)

Blame denpa for the video corruption. I’ll rig up a fix for the batch, likely unpatchable, but I’ll at least make a v1.5 patch for all you 3rd world peeps with the Meza/FFF/whatever subs I slap on the final version

To default to the secondary sub track, enable DIRECTVOBSUB and put the video files into the folder I included in the torrent. No more of them after episode 6 (blame that on denpa, too)

Kyoukai no Kanata 1080p – Vol. 1

knk vol1

Download torrent (3.03GB)

Remux time! Damn that was easy. I converted denpa’s 24bit FLAC and USS’S dub FLAC down to 16 bit, so if you have denpa’s already and you want lossless, get the DDL from USS’s site, set the delay to (1032) in mkvmerge, and wait for the signs/songs sub track to go up on AnimeTosho. (it’ll be the middle track, out of 3 per episode – and use ep02v2’s S/S track!) Shiro’s version from KAMETSU might be 24 bit too, I dunno.

Groups used:

  • Subs: UTW, denpa, Waku, eru, Mori, Doki, Mezashite
  • Encodes/Audio: USS, Beatrice-Raws, sergey_kers, denpa
  • TS-only:  FFF, Commie, and possibly Foxy63-Dennys87 for the music video.. and if Asuka has any extra TS on Shinonome (EP00) then I’ll add that too.