Highschool DxD BorN 1080p – 08

Download torrent (2.14GB)

I’ll try to have this finished in a week… or so. Shouldn’t be too long with only 4 to go.


Kyoukai no Kanata 1080p – Vol. 3

Download torrent (2.41GB)

Blame denpa for the video corruption. I’ll rig up a fix for the batch, likely unpatchable, but I’ll at least make a v1.5 patch for all you 3rd world peeps with the Meza/FFF/whatever subs I slap on the final version

To default to the secondary sub track, enable DIRECTVOBSUB and put the video files into the folder I included in the torrent. No more of them after episode 6 (blame that on denpa, too)