Z4ST1N’s shitty guide on how to watch anime

“It won’t open/video’s fucked/signs are fucked/audio’s fucked”

If you actually need help playing fasnub animes, you should take the easy route and get KCP. It’s effortless to set up, so as long as you know how to click next/accept/etc and don’t dick around with anything you’ll be fine. Uninstall VLC or whatever else you found while googling “free video player” and all your problems will be solved. Unless you don’t use Windows, then you’re on your own.

“I tried watching on my PS3/Xbox/smartphone/tablet, but…”

I recommend searching for one of the following: “Spacefish“, “Deadfish BD/Deadfish DVD“, “Noobsubs“. If it’s a tablet, it probably has 10-bit & .ASS softsub support and the ability to play most audio formats, so you can also look for 480-576p stuff on NyaaTorrents, BakaBT, or Exiled-Destiny.

“Why the fuck is _____ the default sub track?”


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