Kyoukai no Kanata – Dual Audio

Progress: 13+7+0/13+7+5

Watch order (don’t watch 00 first!): 01-12, 00, Specials/Idol Saiban, Movies (first one is optional; just watch the ending). You can watch episode 00 between 09 and 10 if you want; it fits in rather nicely.

Resolution(s): 1080p, maybe 720p. Show’s not full HD but still worth 1080p

Main series (1-12)

  • Encode+Subs: denpa (UTW edit)
  • Typesetting: UTW, FFF, Commie, Mezashite, Doki, all modified & beefed up to the max
  • Audio info soon™

Shinonome (episode 00)

  • Encode: Beatrice-Raws
  • Subs: 95% eru (Waku edit) 5% Sentai, and one single line from Asuka
  • Typesetting: Mostly original/modified eru. Props to Sentai for the extra book title TL
  • Audio info soon™

Picture Dramas (i.e. the kind without actual animation, like a VN)

  • Encode: Beatrice-Raws
  • Subs: Doki for 1 thru 3, 4 is Mori/Doki, the rest Mori
  • Typesetting: Doki modified, Mori modified a lot
  • Audio info soon™

Idol Saiban (the good kind of special; minisodes)

  • Encode: Beatrice-Raws (split correctly, unlike literally every other attempt
  • Subs: Mezashite for 1-3, Mori 4-5
  • Typesetting, karaoke, song TL and whatnot all Mezashite, with added motion tracking for the titles.

AniDB | Movies


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