Show Title Subtitle Source Resolution Status
Azumanga Daioh movie NL+Ishin+A-F 480p New encode soon™
Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic Asenshi-Mezashite 720p Planned
Highschool DxD Born FFF/Hiryuu 720p+1080p Completed
Kimi to Boku sage 1080p Dropped
Kyoukai no Kanata
(dual audio)
denpa (TS: all) 1080p Awaiting Batch
One Punch Man Cthuko (TS: all) 720p+1080p Slow
One Punch Man (SP) R2 720p+1080p Slow
Oregairu Zoku Commie (TS: all) 720p (Hi444PP)
1080p (Ma10p)
In Progress
Sankarea (00+14) Eveyuu, Commie 720p+1080p Awaiting Batch

General Release Info

Subtitle sources are stated in their project page. Usually it’ll be one sub group for dialogue and an amalgamation for the typesetting.

All releases are x264 and 10-bit with softsubs unless stated otherwise.

Audio codecs and bitrates usually follow these guidelines:

  • 1080p releases get high bitrate AAC, qaac -tvbr 127
  • 720p releases will have either AAC, Vorbis (remuxes) or OPUS
  • HEVC releases will be AAC or OPUS
  • DVDs will have their AC3 remuxed or their PCM encoded to AAC
  • Music anime, if any, will have high bitrate audio regardless of resolution

All (or most) information specific to a single release can be found by clicking on the respective series under the “Projects” tab in the menu up top.